Sunday, May 15, 2011

A new hobby

It seems that my days of picture taking are done, so what to do with this site? Weeeell. . . I decided to start a new hobby of painting miniature soldiers. As I've been researching this hobby I see that to do it right it will take a long time and fill all the spare time I have, or at least put a good dent in it. I decided on this cause I have a box of about 50 bottles of acrylic paints used to do the other hobby of mine which is wood carving (which will be included here too). But can't wood carve in the winter for my stuff is in the garage and there's no heater. Also it is very messy. The only problem I see in this is that I may have the paints, brushes, but I don't have a magnifier and that costs. Plus the miniatures cost. So I finally get one monthly debt finished and can use it to supplement the fridge's holdings, but it's going to go to supplement this new undertaking. My first miniature is a 28mm of King Brian Boru. My interest in him is that I'm a direct descendant proven by DNA research. I'm going to have to have my eyes checked too. Getting old really sucks. Any way, I guess I shall post a progress of this hobby as I go along and other things I make. So right now I'm saving up for a lighted magnifier which will take a couple months, pinching my budget will take time.

Also I really appreciate the willing advice & how-to of fellow bloggers & painters Paul (Scotland) & Ray (England).
  (left) 28mm Brian Boru straight out of the box needs to be washed and the seams and flashes scraped off. Then the next step will be painting them with primer.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing these covered in paint!