Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm converted to become a gamer

Okay, I give-up!! Decided to become a gamer. Viewing all of your blogs and seeing the fun and joy you all have in the hobby has persuaded me. I found a game that interests me called Celtos by Brigade Models. It seems that this game has a small following and has been around for sometime, yet I love the premise of the game. It is loosely based on the invasions of the Emerald Isle and incorporates a lot of Irish mythology and some Norse. And they are 28mm, as small as I want to paint (even here I hope my eyes will still like me).

Some of the figures or characters have real names in Celtic/Gaelic history. There is Nuada Silver Hand, Mananna (Celtic God of the Sea for whom the Isle of Man is named), Morrgian, Cernunnos, Herne, Balor, Freyja, Mordred, and Culann (Cuhullian?).

It takes place in the land of Goria where five groups fight each other for control of the land.
  The first group is the Sidhe (Gaelic for fairy/elf, who were actually called the Tuath de Dannan, later to become the Sidhe or "We People"), lead by Nuada Silver Hand (left); the Vanir are from Norse mythology, here they are a dwarf people from the land of ice that include valkyries (right).

The third group are the Fomorians (a real tribe that was displaced by the Firbolgs in Irish history) are blood revers, goblins, & orcs, their leader is Balor (a real Celtic God) (left).

Next are the Firbolgs, who are flesh eaters, zombies & skeletons (in history it is said they were a very cave-like people, very backward, displaced by the Tuath de Dannan [Sidhe]), lead by Cerannous a real Celtic God too, only spelled Cernunnos (right).
Last are the Gaels who displaced the Sidhe in history, they are full humans.

Some the the figures play the bagpipes and the Gaels and others wear kilts (I love it!). One Gael figure even rides the Celtic chariot. I'm waiting on acceptance to the Celtos forum where I shall post a lot of questions before jumping in though.

 Yea, I know,  I have not found anyone where I live near or far who play this game. The closest I've found is Chicago, about 1300 miles away. So this shall be only a family game, hopefully each of my children and their spouses will find a character from each group to be interested in. I do have a son-in-law who is into D&D and one other game, so he can explain this all to me. What I'm looking forward to is painting the figures. But...this will take some time, a few months of saving. The figures aren't to expensive, but need to come from England, so the postage is going to really cost.

Morrigan, Priestess of the Horned God

Shaman and familiar, Fomorian


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