Monday, August 8, 2011

Painted Barbarians 28mm

Here's the barbarians I just finished painting. Okay eyes suck, and not happy with the changes I made on skin tone color. I tried a different color and it went to light (sword raised). Notice that the archers on the right are to be the same size as the rest of the war-band, but they were sculpted bigger and one figure (far right) wasn't very well sculpted. Tried my hand at painting lines but didn't do to well. Perhaps next batch will be better.

Barbarian archers at right aren't the same 28mm scale.


  1. Very nice Garry, the skintone looks excellent!!!

  2. Hi Garry,
    I agree with Ray on the skin tone, us celts are very, very white! (at least I am) Maybe the shade/wash is a little strong for the pale but the upper shades look very nice. Great set of figures Garry!

  3. Looking pretty good to me Garry.

  4. Everything looks excellent to me as well!