Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Mystic Forest of Tir n' Og

Although only a small area the Mystic Forest was the center place in the land of Tir n' Og. Here the energy was strongest and that is why on a small hill was a circle of stones that marked the "Center Place." But the forest itself was not the same as others in the land. The trees were tall, and the road through the forest was not long, but many a folk never came out on the other side, yet others experienced no ill at all.        
At the entrance to the forest was a standing stone to mark that this was a special place. Accompanying the old Druid Fergus mac Fionn was the clan's champion Turlogh mac Murrough. 

Turlogh's assignment was to make sure that Fergus arrived to the "Center Place" unmolested.
At the beginning of the path was a special portal that possessed a magical nature allowing only those of pure heart to pass onto the path leading to the "Center Place." Fergus was one such man.

Arriving on top of the hill and standing in the center of the standing stones, Fergus communed with the ancient ones on behalf of the clan.              

 Through the forest flow a small stream who's source was unknown for the stream just flowed from out of the ground and flowed to a well that was situated on the edge of the forest. The well was unique, it was a Holy Well, for to drink from the waters at the well was to renew one's health. But only at the well was the water holy. Finding himself fatigued Fergus traveled to the well alone to refresh himself. Being a Druid, Fergus could travel through the forest unmolested by spirits and creatures from the "Other World." It was a random thing that could be encountered by travelers through the forest. Even though the well was on the edge of the forest, visitors to the site were often attacked, maimed, or killed.

Deep in the forest were eyes viewing the movements of Fergus. A being from the "Other World." And nearby was a creature of great strength and evil also watching. But the "Ancient One's protected the old Druid.
Having refreshed himself, Fergus returned to the side of Turlogh and the two returned to the ring-fort of the clan where Fergus would hold council with the chief and inform him of what the ancient ones had to say. But that is another story.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Painting ideas?

I've painted this figure called "A murder of Crows." by Reaper in 28mm. I've painted the beaks red as in heraldry, but the crows black is just that black. Photo gives more detail then one sees in room light. Suggestions on how to give some detail and separation to the figures?